Garnier 2012 ‘Take Care’ Ambassadors day

The last week, and the week ahead are like a dream sequence in my life.  You know, that point in a cheesy movie when the music becomes soft with the tinkling of a piano, the screen looks as if there’s vaseline smudged around the edges and everything goes in slow motion?  YES!  That’s how good my life is right now.

Thanks to all of you!

Before Christmas I was reading one of my favourite blogs when I saw a call out from Garnier for 10 ‘Take Care’ Ambassadors in 2012.  They were searching for 10 grassroots projects to support and there was a surge of amazing applications on their Facebook page.  I entered Working Women Australia and was honoured to be chosen by a selection panel to be in the top 20.  From there, my lovely readers, friends and family voted and I was thrilled to bits to be named as one of the ten winners!  Thank you so much.

To say I am humbled to be amongst the group of ten winners is a massive understatement.  Over the coming weeks, I am going to share the projects with you in the “Inspiring Women” section of the blog.  These are wonderful women doing amazing things within their communities.  Selflessly helping others and making a real difference.

So, last Thursday we were all flown in from around the country to attend an induction day at Garnier head office.  We were all staying at the gorgeous Cullen Hotel in Prahran and a lovely gift bag arrived on Thursday afternoon chock full of Garnier products to whet our whistle.  It was a lovely surprise.  I went to bed early that night, with room service.  By myself.  No children.  Bliss!

On Friday morning, we were picked up from the hotel at 8am and taken to The Botanical for breakfast with the marketing team from Garnier.  I floated into that room, with my tinkling movie-like music serenading me.  There’s no way I walked in there – it was all so surreal!

The lovely Natalie Gruzlewski joined us as a surprise guest, and can I just say, she’s even more gorgeous in real life!  Really kind and down to earth.  She sat through three photos I tried to take for Instagram: the first she had her eyes closed, the second someone else did.

After breakfast, we were whisked off to the L’Oreal building where they had laid out the “Green Carpet” for our entry.  See, I told you it was surreal!  A special elevator was waiting for us and we followed the green carpet all the way to a dedicated room which was filled with wild flowers and food.  Oh the food – it did not stop all day!

After having our hair done, we had massages followed by a  skin assessment and hand massage.  I know!  Lucky? Yes!

Unfortunately that was followed by a video (shudder) interview with Natalie Gruzlewski in which I said “um” at least 25 times as my voice quavered.  To make it worse, I then had to stand up in front of the marketing and digital marketing teams and talk about Working Women Australia.  Once again, I became an illiterate fool stumbling over words and literally shaking in my boots.  I must learn to overcome my fear of public speaking.  One day.

Even public speaking didn’t put a dampener on the day! The team at Garnier could not do enough for us.  They were so lovely and accommodating, constantly asking us if there was anything we needed.  They really lived the “Take Care” message and we were so grateful.  It was a lovely day.

After saying our goodbyes and walking back to the hotel, the ambassadors met for a drink and really got to know one another.  I know I’ve made some truly inspiring new friends through this experience, and I look forward to sharing their stories with you all.

To top off that amazing weekend, I’m now off to the DP Conference this weekend.  It’s a blogging/social media conference and will be the  first of its kind for me.  I am going to be a sponge and soak up as much as I possibly can then party the night away with ‘my friends from inside my computer’.  There will be over 200 attendees, most of whom I follow (or will by the end of the conference) and chat with on social media.  I’m meeting them for the first time and my nerves are finally giving way to excitement.

So, that has been my week!  Can you see why I’m floating around on cloud nine?  Life is good and I’m embracing every moment.



  1. Lovely words – Great descriptions of the day.
    And your right – we were so lucky to be there that day and have those experiences

  2. Congratulations!! you deserve it. What an amazing week you are having. I can’t wait to hear about the conference. Rachel

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