Dressing room mirrors and the magic of lights

I’m heading off to a couple of conferences this month and needed a new frock to wear.  Unfortunately here in regional Victoria, we have the choice of Target (of course pronounced with a French accent) or online shopping.  I’m not a fan of online shopping yet, because I need to try things on this lumpy frame of mine to get a realistic idea of what suits my body. Target just wasn’t cutting it this time.

So I travelled 4 hours down the highway a couple of weeks ago and attempted to navigate the maze that is Chadstone with children in tow to find the perfect party frock. What was I thinking? Children and Chaddy simply don’t mix.

Probably due to the urgency of having two tired kids along for the ride, I bought the first dress I tried on.  It looked lovely in the change room, albeit a little short for my liking, but it would do the job.  The colour seemed fun and modern, and I was assured the style was the latest in all the great fashion houses. SOLD!

Then I tried it on at home in the harsh sunlight of reality.  Epic fail.

What do they do to dressing room mirrors to make us feel that a garment will flatter and hide the bits we want to hide?  Is it the lights?  Do they pump a magic mushroom vapour through the air vents to induce a feeling of euphoria?  I’m sure there is some secret formula that clouds our brain and encourages us to buy jeans/frocks/tops that are anything but flattering.

So back to the drawing board I go.  I have no idea about fashion and I’ll probably revert to my trusty little black dress with a few accessories.

Thank goodness for the LBD!

Have you ever made a purchase in the gleaming dressing room lights then had buyers remorse at home?

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  1. Stacey Shennan says:

    I always feel about 10kgs lighter in the change room when trying on bras and swimwear i swear they tilt the mirrors so you look skinny!!

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