If you could be anything, what would you be?

Sitting in the high school library, I remember my teenage friends and I discussing our subject choices that would effectively determine the rest of our lives.  It all seemed so finite and intimidating back then, and I guess it was.  We were teenagers having to decide what we wanted to be as adults.  It was overwhelming.

Growing up, I always thought I wanted to be a psychologist.  As a young girl, I spent some time at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne and my dream was to be able to help kids similar to those I met during my stay.  As a psychologist.  That is what I worked towards throughout my final years at school and in my first year at uni.  It turns out I had no idea what was involved in psychology.  After one year it was clear that my vision needed to change.  It was nothing like I’d imagined.

After taking a couple of years off and traveling, I discovered marketing.  Now here was a good fit.  I loved studying marketing and the years at uni flew by.  Too quickly.

I love marketing.  I love learning more about marketing.  It’s the geek in me, I know, but I really get off on it.

It may have something to do with going back to uni as a ‘mature age’ student.  Not having the pressure of being straight out of school and trying to find my feet in an adult world whilst concentrating on university.  I felt much more self-assured and I’m sure if I went back to uni at my current age of 35 I would feel even more confident.  There are definite advantages to having life experience under your belt.

I know it’s a cliché, but I wholeheartedly believe that it’s never too late to chase your dreams.  You’re never too old to go back to study something that will make your heart sing.  If that’s nursing or law, marketing or horticulture it really doesn’t matter.  You just need to find that area that will make you want to get out of bed and go to work. The one thing that will engage your mind and keep you going for years to come.

There are options for studying from home and part-time on campus.  You don’t need to  arrange fulltime childcare in order to study again. Also, don’t just look at courses in your immediate area.  I know of a number of women studying from all over Australia at a South Australian university.

Don’t give up on your dream.  There will always be hurdles and reasons not to study, but you just need to find a way over them.

If you could ‘be’ anything, what would you be?


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  1. This is really an inspirational post Kim! I always wanted to be a writer but made some wrong choices along the way (you can read about it here if you are interested? http://www.nappydaze.com/2012/02/all-part-of-plan-or-is-free-will.html) I agree though, its never too late! Finances are probably the only hurdle at present but am sure one day I will have made this dream come true

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