Just stop for one minute, and listen!

Last Sunday a voice started to speak to me and I could no longer ignore it.  Not one of those crazy voices in your head (although I’m not immune to them).  It was my body telling me to slow down and it hit me with an almighty thump!

I’m a pretty healthy person.  Overweight, but active and generally able to avoid the bugs that sweep through my little family without even the slightest sniffle.  On Sunday I noticed what I thought was a spider bite on my neck.  By Monday is was pretty gross so I took myself off to the Dr who declared they thought it was Shingles!  That’s basically the Chicken Pox bug coming out and rearing its ugly head months or years after you’ve overcome it the fist time.  “Have you been stressed?” the Dr asked.  I looked at her with those wide blinking eyes as if to say: “Um yes!  Of course”. Mother, worker, wife, friend…stressed!

So I bunkered down.  Cancelled appointments and stayed away from any public place for fear of passing on my lurgy to any one of my many pregnant friends.  I had to wait three days for the results to find out if it was in fact Shingles.

Those three days were spent at home.  With my boy.  The two of us together and me finally listening to my body.  I rested, I slept.  I filled my body with veggie juices full of Kale, celery and ginger.  If you don’t know what Kale is, you’re not missing out on anything.  It’s green and leafy and apparently has loads of nutrients but no flavour that they’ll ever discuss on Master Chef or My Kitchen Rules. Blergh.

I was antsy and annoyed that I had to cancel several client meetings, but there was no way I was breathing any germs around the town so I fidgeted and waited for the results to come back.

It turns out I don’t have Shingles.  It was probably a spider bite but I’ll never know.

What I do know is that it was my body telling me to just stop for one minute and listen to it. SLOW DOWN it yelled at me and I finally listened.

As mothers, employees, wives, employers and women we tend to keep going until we simply can’t take another step.  We ignore that voice in our head that yells at us to slow down and we mask it with a couple of panadol in the hope we can keep going for another minute, hour, day.  It’s time to stop.  Listen to your body and take stock of what’s going on.  The human body is a miraculous collection of Mother Nature’s finest and it requires care.  Ongoing care.

Next time you feel that niggling from within, stop and listen for a moment.  Take the time to care for yourself as it’s the only way you can continue to be of any use.  Don’t wait until you’re wiped out and huddled under the blankets.

Do something for your health today.  Perhaps go and get a Kale juice…or not!


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