Is working from home really that fabulous?

Yesterday afternoon I was about to sit down with my son and read a book before his sleep and I heard my phone beep with a new email.  I thought I’d quickly check it before settling Mr3 and I wish I hadn’t.  It was a ‘problem email’ from a ‘problem client’ and put me in a bad mood.  I was distracted and cranky as I sat with the little man reading about how Bob and Wendy built yet another house. The fact that I was distracted and cranky during my son’s time made me more distracted and cranky!

There are times when the flexibility of working from home is everything I want it to be.  I can volunteer at my daughter’s school, I can arrange playdates and attend assembly.  I love the fact that I can push back my work until the kids are in bed and my profits are a direct result of the amount of effort and work that I do (usually).

There are also times when it feels like the home office is haunting me.  I wake at night thinking about things I could/should be doing and I check emails when I should be reading fairytales. For some clients, the fact that I work from home means they think I am on call 24/7.  If I was in an office three days a week, they would simply not be able to reach me except on those three dedicated days.  They would have to wait.  A novel concept it seems.

I have often asked myself “Is working from home really that fabulous?”

You really have to weigh it up…

I’ve decided that for me, it is generally ‘all it’s cracked up to be’, but I have to place boundaries on my work hours.  I have to learn to switch off (literally) and not check emails during family time.  It’s ok to have holidays and weekends as a WAHP.

So, I’m creating a schedule.  My work days will be defined and although I’ll check emails at other times, they will generally be answered on work days.  My household duties have to be added to the schedule as well as time in Stinky’s class and time for blogging.  I function well in a routine and I guess my business life has been missing that.

Clients don’t appreciate if you work over the weekend, so why do it?  Children grow up while you’re busy being grumpy about work related issues and the days of your life will tick by without pausing for your slump.

So today I’m going to create a physical schedule that will go on the wall.  It will contain all the things that need to be done on a daily and weekly basis, as well as general work time for answering queries and attending appointments.

Do you have a schedule?  How do you allocate your time?

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  1. Yes yes yes, I am also getting to the stage where instead of having clients come whenever suits them, I need to make days for appointments and then other days are just for doing that work. Otherwise as I am talking to my clients and building a relationship with them, though a good thing, does not allow me to get my work done so I can then be with my kids after school and such. Routine and letting clients know this is the key I think

  2. When I worked in an office we often outsourced some work to mums working from home. It was beneficial for everyone – except the clients who complained their call wasn’t answered immediately, or heaven forbid they heard a child crying.

    You can’t please everyone, so you may as well please yourself first!

  3. I’m struggling with this at the moment. And also with just finding the time in the first place. I might use this schedule not only for clients, but to show my husband that I really honestly do need time to myself to get some work done! Visiting from FYBF.

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