Conecakes not cupcakes

Every year I struggle to embrace my inner baker and come up with something fun and exciting for Miss8 to take to school on her birthday.  This year, I discovered something new – the conecake!

A few weeks ago I was making some cupcakes only to realise I had no paper cases.  I saw some small ice cream cones in the cupboard and thought I’d try baking with them instead.  Of course I thought I was brilliant and innovative – only to see it on Pinterest later lol!

Kids love them because there are no paper cases to peel off  and they’re a novelty.  I love them because I’m not picking up paper cases everywhere *rolls eyes*.  Also, as suggested by Clairey Hewitt, they’re the ultimate eco-friendly cupcake.

So just make a normal cake batter, pour some mix into the flat-bottomed cones until they are about 2/3 full.  I bake them at 150 degrees celsius for 10 minutes and then allow to cool.  Ice as per usual.  It would look pretty funky to have a swirly buttercream peak on top of each cone (which would replicate the look of a soft serve ice cream) but I’m just not that comfortable giving my kids that much icing.  I used icing sugar, water and a splash of colour then topped with some sprinkles.

To transport them to school, I just used a small spice jar as a template then cut circles out of a cereal box and taped it to a deep baking tray.  Perfect!

The Organised Housewife


  1. Love it!

    It would be a great dessert item to take for a grown ups picnic too, with the fancy high calorie icing.

    I bet the kids finished the lot too, not just ate the icing and left the rest.

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