Boosting my inner vitamin levels

Nuffnang Australia and Tourism Queensland are running a competition for Bloggers to spread the word about VitaminMe.  ‘What’s that?’ you ask.  Read on and you’ll see what I think VitaminMe is, and where you can rejuvenate your stores.

As the sun rises each day, it’s easy to get caught up in the mundane and feel like a hamster running in a wheel.  Wake up. Get dressed. Get kids fed and dressed.  Clean house. Do washing. Cook meals.  Work. Rinse and repeat.

Same. Old. Stuff.

Your soul can ache when it’s filled with all that ‘boring’.  It yearns for fun, sun, excitement and something different every now and then.  It becomes weighed down with the same old routine and lack of life!

About 2 years ago my heart was heavy and my face was bearing the marks of stress.  The kids were enveloped in my sadness and I just couldn’t see a way to claw my way back to that sparkly happiness I used to exhude…then my sister arranged a family holiday.  My father, his four daughters and our children all packing up and going to tropical  Port Douglas.

The flame in my belly tried to shine through the ‘blah’ with that exciting news but it was working overtime to stay alight!

When I stepped off the plane at Cairns airport, I immediately felt my shoulders rise and fall with a deep calming breath.  The sun kissed my skin and my neck seemed less tense.  The magic of a holiday had started to work its wonders on me. The magic of Queensland.

By the time we had arrived at our destination there had been the tinkling of laughter, animated chit-chat and the priceless sound of hysterical cackling from the children in the car.  The glorious feeling of sun on our skin after the cold Melbourne winter must have immediately boosted our vitamin D levels!

Meandering down to the beach, with not a care in the world and a great coffee in hand was the start to most days.  We’d dip our toes in the sea while the children filled their pockets and their mouths with sand!  Following an afternoon siesta we’d find somewhere to sip on mocktails and cocktails while the sun set, then fill up on fresh seafood while chatting away and not thinking about the mundane life we had left behind.

This was taken on Port Douglas beach

I’m not sure what it is about a holiday: the sun, the sand or the utter indulgence of spending entire days playing with the ones you love that makes you feel so rejuvenated.  There’s something spectacular about that feeling of freedom that enters your soul as you taste the first specks of sea-salt on your lips from the fresh sea breeze.  You can’t replicate it.  You just can’t fake it.  It has to be real and it can only be discovered when you’re truly relaxed. Queensland call this VitaminME.  It’s the vitamin that you need to feed your soul and can be found in abundance in the North East corner of our gorgeous country.  That’s where I found it.

I returned from that holiday with a spring in my step.  The tropical Queensland weather had lifted my spirits and melted away the angst I’d felt before landing on the soft sandy shore.  My VitaminME levels are dropping again, and I need to pack up my family and head back to boost them – to rejuvenate…




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