Old-fashioned letter writing

There’s something so special about walking out to the letter box and seeing a hand written letter or card.  I love to sit and feel the crinkly paper between my fingers, breath in the scent of ink and see the carefully constructed script which reveals a tale unfolding before my very eyes.

It’s rare to write letters nowadays.  I encourage Miss8 to write cards and letters to her aunts in Melbourne as a form of practicing her handwriting and so that she too can become excited about the mailman arriving.  In this age of technology when it’s so much faster to write an email or send an sms, it seems we’re losing the art of letter writing.  It’s much simpler to type up a quick letter and use spell check to ensure there are no embarrassing mistakes.  It’s much better for the mind and soul to write the letter and be mindful of words, grammar and context.

This weekend I encourage you to sit down and write a letter to someone.  Not an email, not an sms or a typed letter – pick up a piece of lovely paper, a pen and sit in the sunshine and write a letter.  Go to the post box, mail it with a stamp and wait for the gleeful phone call when your recipient opens it.

I’m linking up with Edenland today, and showing my handwriting.  It’s not fabulous, but I simply adore writing with my fountain pen.  I have an old-fashioned ink jar to fill it, and often end up with black stains on my fingers and hands as a result of using it.  I don’t care because there’s something so cathartic about writing with a fountain pen.

Let me know who you’re writing to today, and share your own lovely penmanship over with Eden.  You’d make her day.

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  1. I have a thing for good quality paper and a message from afar.

  2. I love writing too, way too much, how many note books is too many?

    And pens, the favourites always disappear!

    • There’s no such thing as too many notebooks! In terms of pens? My fountain pen is my favourite and lives in its original box, way out of reach of little fingers. All other pens go walkabout from my desk…

  3. I had a dear friend who moved away in high school, and she always sent me the sweetest letters. Another moved to France, and I loved getting those splashy blue envelopes with her felt pen. I really, really miss old-fashioned letters…

  4. Great this read this as I actually wrote a letter the other. But I scanned and emailed lol

  5. I love breathing in the scent of ink too! And an old-fashioned fountain pen… love it! I used to use a calligraphy pen too… so satisfying.

  6. I always get weirdly excited when I meet a fellow lefty – so hello !! Love that you write with a fountain pen, I would wind up with more ink on me than the paper

  7. I love receiving a hand written note. The only person I used to send them to was my gorgeous but mad schizophrenic uncle in Perth who unfortunately passed away. I am going to take up your idea though and send one this week 🙂

  8. Thank you for the little nudge in the right direction! I have such beautiful stationery and I really should dust it off and put it to good use. Now all I have to do is think about who I’m going to.

  9. Oh what a gorgeous post! And like Claire, you have inspired me to start writing to people again. I remember waiting anxiously for the postman when I was a kid, to bring me letters from my penpals and cousins. So fun.

    Thank you Kim … I love your writing and your inkstains!

    XX eden

  10. I can’t write without a good pen. I’m very particular about them.

    I need to write more letters! Now I just need some lovely stationery.

    • I’ve just sat down at my desk and realised all of my pens have gone walkabout (expcept the fountain pen stored way up high!). I have to get a lock on my study door in order to keep my lovely pens safe ;0)

  11. I think its lovely you encourage you child to write too, its so important. Fortunately my son who is 10, is at a school were there is a lot of hand writing still used. But just this week the teacher told me they are using the fist hour of school to do a typing program for the next few weeks. which makes me kinda sad. I’d rather them outside playing and making, and practical learning.

  12. I do need to write a card and letter this week… several in fact. I just wish they didn’t have to be sympathy cards… but there is nothing more touching than taking the time to stop and write ~ really WRITE ~ a note to someone.

  13. Lovely handwriting and I adore that you use a fountain pen. They are a passion of mine.
    Calligraphy is very time consuming, but it feels very satisfying when you can just pick up your nib pen and do something pretty on a whim.

  14. Pretty handwriting! My 7 year old LOVES writing letters to all her friends and I love seeing the anticipation as she waits for letters to arrive in the letterbox – it’s a great reminder of this lost art form isn’t it?

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