It’s time to be a participant in my own life

I recently wrote a piece about the realities of being a WAHM that seemed to resonate with a lot of people.  The humour in the piece was added to disguise the ugly, harsh realities that many working women face on a daily basis.  I think it was well received because so many people can relate to the sense of being weighed down with what is considered normal, everyday life.

What is normal, anyway?

Yesterday my eldest went back to school, and my son went to childcare – theoretically that should mean a day filled with productive work hours and uninterrupted computer time.  The only problem is that the voices in my head were shouting at me and reminding me of all the things I need to do “NOW”.  The voices can be very persuasive at times.

I need to stamp them out.  I’m the only one who can do it and it needs to be done.  So, I’ve formulated a game plan.

After New Year’s eve, I decided to make a promise to myself for 2012 rather than resolutions – they never work anyway, right?  My promise is to be more present.  Present at home, present in my work life and present when it comes to family and friends.  It’s all well and good to ride the train of life as a passenger, but surely it’s much more fun to drive the engine and decide which stops you’ll make along the way.

So, starting now I’m going to actively participate in my life – I’m going to be more present.  Over the last couple of years I’ve found myself withdrawing into myself further and further and I’ve forgotten how to reach out to the people around me.  I’m part of a very active online community, and my job is mostly online so I feel safe sitting here in my office tapping away.  But safe is not always good.

This blog is such an outlet for me, and I love to write.  LOVE it.  When I see comments and know that someone has connected with something I’ve said, it’s like a little jolt of energy drink courses through my veins!  It really drives me further and lifts my spirits.

So I’m going to take my new ‘grab-life-by-the-balls’ spirit and combine it with the blog.  I read an interview with Darren Rowse and he said: “I would encourage bloggers to think about how they’re being useful to others”.  This is going to be my new focus.  As a blogger, it’s so easy to focus on yourself forgetting that you should be writing for those out there reading.  What do you, my readers want?

Thinking about my life as a working woman, I have tried to harness the areas that I need help with.  The areas we all need help with.  Over the coming weeks, you’ll see a shift in direction which is my effort at bringing you more about ‘you’ and less about ‘me’.  I’m going to find the things that will be ‘useful’.

Is there anything in particular you’d like covered?


I love to hear what you have to say!

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