Weekend Affirmations

As a working parent, working woman, worker in general, often our toughest critic lives inside our own head.  I know that when I lay awake at night, thinking about a design, project or client it’s all coming from an internal demon.  There is no doubt I’m tougher on myself than anyone around me.

I’ve been looking for ways to combat this, and in chatting with many working women I’ve re-discovered positive affirmations.

It’s quite a basic idea, but I know in the past it’s worked for me, and many others.

Each Saturday I’m going to post a weekend affirmation.  I encourage you to write it down and leave it next to your bed – perhaps use it as a bookmark so it’s always there or program it as a daily reminder into your phone. All you have to do is read that single sentence affirmation to yourself several times a day.  Try to do it in a quiet time so you can really concentrate on the words.  I generally read it at the very end of the day and first thing when I wake up.

The belief is that if you condition yourself to believe you are (for example) “A strong, competent businesswoman” then you start to ‘live’ it.

If you can develop a powerful mindset full of positive energy, you can achieve almost anything.  You need to believe in yourself before ANYONE else will.

So, our first affirmation is this:



You areYou need to believe it.  Remind yourself every day this week and live the positive energy that you create from changing your mindset.

I look forward to hearing your feedback next week.




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