Mobile technology is not always a good thing

Last week the kids and I went to the movies to see the “Chickmunks” as Lucky calls them lol.  We settled into a packed cinema (school holidays *rolls eyes*) and the kids were mesmerised.  I love watching their cherub faces tilted up toward the big screen and their animated reactions.  Priceless.

I was really disheartened to see three women walk out at various times during the movie to take phone calls!  It’s a two-hour period, can people seriously NOT survive for two hours without their mobile?  Has society really come to this?  One person actually answered IN the cinema and only finished the call after a few loud “Shhhhhs” from the crowd.

To say I’m beholden to my phone is an understatement.  My husband thinks I will have to have it surgically removed one day.  I justify it by saying it’s for work…that’s BS.  Even I know it!

Society has become so addicted to being constantly available, we’ve forgotten how to switch off.  Checking emails on the run, updating our facebook status at every new location, tweeting about anything and everything, instagramming moments in time, stumbling  upon new stuff (I still don’t get that one lol) and phoning people no matter where they are – even in the cinema!

This year I haven’t made any resolutions (they never work out anyway) but I’ve made a single promise to myself: I’m going to be more present in 2012.  I’ll be more present at home, at work, in love and friendships.  It’s so easy to sit with a phone in hand and sms someone while you have a real, live friend sitting just inches away… No more!


I’m going to focus on the moment, switch off and allow my emails to sit for more than 30 seconds before checking them.  I’m going to embrace moments and enjoy them,  In 2012 I’m going to build lasting memories with my family.  Twitter/Facebook/Emails can wait.  They really can.



  1. So true, I know I spend too much time on my phone, especially not taking calls. lol. But I can manage a movie.

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