Acne and grey hair should be mutually exclusive!

A few months ago, a surprise package arrived from Garnier.  I felt very “Julie & Julia” until I remembered that I had perhaps answered a request by another blogger to try some new products…I’ll stick with the “Julie & Julia” idea that someone randomly sent me stuff as a new blogger, it makes for a better story.

So, upon opening the package, I found two boxes of the Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream in Light and Medium.  My skin is pale at the best of times, so I gifted the Medium to a friend to try out and report back.

Since my mid-twenties, I’ve been lucky enough to have both grey hair and acne at the same time.  Lucky me! They should be mutually exclusive!  Once the tinsel hair kicks in, the acne should cease.  God, if you’re listening, make it happen, k?

Despite my spotty complexion, I’ve never been one for a lot of makeup, but have always used foundation (in winter) powder, mascara and lip gloss.  This BB Cream is an all-in-one tinted moisturiser with an SPF of 15 so I decided to try it for a while to see how my *ahem* problem skin would react.

From the first wear, I found the BB Cream to be smooth to apply, easily absorbed and light.  Despite the tint, it doesn’t go on like a foundation (thick) but does even out the imperfections in my skin.  I wear powder over the top and it lasts really well.

The verdict: I LOVE LOVE LOVE this cream.  I’m a definite convert, and now just need to convince my local supermarket to start stocking it.  My skin is lovely and hydrated, with very few of the problems I used to experience when I wore foundation.  The fact that it has an SPF of 15 is a real bonus, as although it won’t give maximum protection out in the sun all day, it certainly works well to provide some protection that my regular make up/moisturisers don’t.




  1. I have been living in Singapore for the last year, and noticed every pharmacy and beauty department had a BB section, and figured it must have been something that the locals liked, that possibly wasn’t suitable for my skin. But then because I’m a beauty products freak, AND because the Asian women I asked declared it as the reason they have such flawless complexions, I decided to do a bit of investigoogling. This revealed that it was originally developed as product cosmetic surgeons used to assist with the healing of laser treatments and peels etc. The “BB” can stand for Brightening, Blemish Balm, Beauty, Bisabolol (one of the ingredients), but in my beauty lexicon it stands for Beauty Basic. Not only does it help with blemishes and as a sun-block, but the Garnier one (which I bought on your recommendation) has sun-block, brighteners, lighteners, wrinkle repair, moisturisers, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal ingredients. Oh, and the cover is just as you said. And it doesn’t run off even in 90% humidity.
    Thanks for bringing attention to this previously well-kept secret!

    • I love the term investigoogling!

      It really is a great cream, isn’t it? I’m completely converted and hope to have some to give away soon to others who haven’t yet tried it.

      The fact that it doesn’t end up in a puddle in the creases in my neck on a steaming day is definitely a bonus lol

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