Project Backpack

Living in a tourist town means that we get to live in an idyllic little bubble with beautiful surrounds and amazing people watching.  It also means that for a lot of people the work is seasonal…they need to make hay while the sun shines.  If there’s a flood (like in 2010) or fires (in 2009) the tourists season is cut short and a lot of people simply don’t get the work they need to make ends meet in leaner months.

After reading about Operation Backpack over at Katrina’s blog, I was inspired to start something here in our tiny town.  Following a few phone calls with Vinnies and some help from Katrina (thanks xx) Project Backpack was launched today!

The premise is simple: when you purchase your back-to-school items, simply add something  extra like pencils, textas, a ruler or a notebook to your basket.  Put your donation in the collection bin, and after three weeks, the items will be given to the school to be distributed to those who may not have been able to otherwise afford them.

The local Shire was kind enough to loan us this awesome recycling bin to collect donations.  She’s sitting out the front of the local newsagent and I watched with glee as people slowed to read the posters and find out why she was there!  The big red lips catch people’s attention every time lol

If you’re interested in making a small donation to Project Backpack but don’t live locally, please contact me and I’ll happily give you an address where you can send items.


Give a little to make a BIG difference


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