Reading…what is that again? #52booksin2012

I used to love to read.  I’d devour books as if my life depended on it. Evenings would turn into early morning, and I’d still be found huddled up somewhere with another glorious book transporting me to places filled with green fields, crazy parties and dreams accomplished.  My own reality was much more boring.

Somehow in the past two years I’ve stopped reading.  Not entirely, but it’s a rare occasion that I lay in bed with a good book.  I’m either working or cleaning or parenting or cooking.  Blergh!  The truth is that I simply haven’t made the time for books.  I feel bad about that, as if an old friend has been discarded.

The consequence of my reading-hiatus is that I have a stack of 12 fresh books sitting on my bedside table.  The smell of a new book is something I simply love, yet I’ve neglected my lovely ‘friends’.

So inspired by the gorgeous Averil, I’ve decided to read 52 books in 2012.  There will be weeks when I simply can’t get through an entire book, and others where I will (hopefully) make up the lost ground.  Reading is great for my mind.  It makes me more focused and piques my imagination in a way that the ‘idiot box’ simply can’t.

I’m beginning with a book by my favourite author: Maeve Binchy.  I love, love, love her books.  Always have.  This one has been sitting (neglected) on my bedside table and it’s time to crack it open.

Who would like to join me?  I’m going to use the twitter tag #52booksin2012 and post weekly about new books.  Who is up to the challenge?

I”m going to try to get some books to giveaway over the 52 weeks and my little Miss 7 is also joining in.  So gather your books and let’s begin!



  1. I love Maeve Binchy. She’s kind of a go-to author when I want something feel good but not trashy, IYKWIM.

    I’m doing it too. Will try to remember to use the hashtag and tweet.

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