The great ‘chicken egg’ hunt

When I first started blogging many moons ago, I was a “City Chick Living in the Sticks” over at Essential Baby.  We had just made our tree change and I was like a fish out of water in this new tiny tourist town.  I wrote about the chasm between living in suburban Melbourne and a town with not only no traffic lights, but not even a zebra crossing.  I babbled about meeting new people and trying to fit in.

Today as I was playing the great chicken egg hunt game, I realised I may have moved on.  Perhaps I’m no longer a city chick!

*What is this woman smoking, you ask?*

Rewind a few weeks, we finally added two chooks to our menagerie.  I’ve always loved the idea of having a couple of chooks so the kids could prise the freshly laid eggs from the soft straw and we would cook them in our country bliss.

Mr Handyman put together the chook coop (that many have said looks more like a guinea pig cage) and I found a place to buy two free-range layers.  It was so kitsch, I even met the ‘seller’ on the side of the road along with others in town getting their foul additions.

The kids named them Bob (The Builder) and Fluffy.  CUTE!

We waited and waited for them to start laying some golden goodness but nothing happened.  I patiently chased them up our street every afternoon and back to their coop to be safely locked up for the night.  My husband dubbed me “the chook whisperer”.

On Monday morning, I went to open their coop so they could roam the garden (and hopefully not go back to the neighbour’s house!).  In the minute it took me to go back inside and get the scraps for them, either Bob or Fluffy had laid an egg outside the coop!  I proudly took it inside and the kids were ecstatic!

Tuesday morning there was no egg (sad face).  Then, when I was doing my impersonation of the pied piper with the chooks following me back to their coop that night, I stumbled upon an egg in the middle of the lawn!  Once again cheers all around from the kids.

…so it began.  The great chicken egg hunt.

Similar to an Easter egg hunt, we now have to think like Bob and Fluffy and scour the yard each day to try to find their googy eggs!

I swear, if my neighbours have a video camera handy they will definitely win Australia’s Funniest Home Videos with the footage of us searching for eggs and then rounding up the chooks each day!  The people down the street were even standing out on the road watching our foul capers the other night!

It seems I’m no longer a City Chick Living in the Sticks!  I’m now a Country Gal!



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