Eat the frog

I used to work for a man who would say “Eat the Frog” when he came into the office.  The other staff seemed to understand.  I did not.

It had something to do with a course they’d all been to, but I had to do my own research to understand what the heck he meant!

It turns out that there is an old saying: “If you eat a frog in the morning, that is by far the worst thing you will have to do all day, so things can only get better”. ICK!

However, the idea behind it is so true.  Some days my ‘frog’ is a phone call to a difficult client, other days it is doing my BAS.  It differs every day, but there’s nearly always a task that I would rather hide from.  If I get it done and out of the way, the rest of my day seems to breeze by!

So people, eat that frog!  It will make you so much more productive knowing that your most dreaded task is taken care of.

You’re welcome.




  1. mmm … I know what my frog is. A timely reminder about my bookwork. Thanks!


  1. […] at me, reminding me of something I need to do (that I would have probably otherwise forgotten) I eat my frog and get to it.  Without that incessant beeping things would be left until the last-minute and it […]

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