Leaving others behind at a crossroads

I read this beautifully written post yesterday about coming to a crossroads in life.  It had me thinking…

About ten years ago I met my soul mate, not a lover or partner, but my god honest life soul mate.  We were the best of friends and knew each other like no-one else.  Our respective husbands didn’t even have the same depth of understanding about us.  We had an amazing connection that I’ll never find again.

The we came to a crossroads.

She was childless by choice and I was just glowing with the first signs of pregnancy.  We tried our best to continue our friendship, but we grew apart.  A while after Stinky was born I phoned her out of the blue and we rekindled our friendship for a couple of years, but ultimately that crossroads tore us apart.  We simply weren’t the same people any more.  I’d chosen a different path to her.

I still miss her so much that it hurts.  We used to laugh until we cried and cry until we laughed.  We could sit for hours on end solving the problems of the world and she knew so much about everything!  We just clicked and I’ve never had another friend like her.  At the time I thought nothing could tear us apart…little did I know.

We often come to a crossroad in our life and have to make the hard decisions.  I often agonise over things (I’m a card-holding member of Overthinkers Anonymous) and try to dissect them.  But the truth is that sometimes you can’t have everything.  There are choices to be made in life, and they will often hurt at the time but in the long run they’ll make sense.

So my request to you, dear reader, is don’t over think things.  Make your decision and make peace with yourself.  Once you’ve decided which fork in the road you will travel you shouldn’t look back.  Hold your head high until your heart stops aching and know that one day the pain will be a little less…

Image courtesy of Pinterest


  1. Very true, and very wise.

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