A simple gift

It’s that time of year again, and we’re all searching for the perfect for gift for the eleventy billion important people in our lives.  Or so it seems…

On our holiday to the beach, I saw a perfect photo opportunity but was stumped on the best way to display it.  A frame just didn’t cut it, then I stumbled on the fad of printing images onto canvas.  I know, I’m way behind the eight ball, and everyone else has been doing this for aaaaages.  I’m always a little slow on the design uptake!

So this photo of my squishy baby’s butt was printed onto canvas and gifted to Mr Handyman.  He loves it and I think it makes a much greater statement than it would if it was framed.

Here are some other things I’ve bought as presents this year:

  • Children’s chopsticks (joined at the top for little people learning how to use them) From House
  • Babushcups (Babushka dolls that are measuring cups – so cute!) From House
  • A handstamped necklace pendant. From Ulli Hanstamped Jewellery
  • A bug catcher for my little explorer. From Lime Tree Kids
  • Manifesto for Kids. This is so lovely for a playroom or bedroom. From The Smile Collective
  • A Glasshouse candle.  The scent is subtle but lasting. From Gallery 90

What are some gift ideas you’re considering this Christmas?  Share for those of us with little (or no) idea.


I love to hear what you have to say!

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