Our own little Pinterest project

I love it when the stars align to bring my own little obsessions (Pinterest) together with those of Mr Handyman (power tools).  It’s as if the Gods are smiling down to bring matrimonial harmony to our humble abode!

When we bought our house a little over four years ago, there was one major thing that used to make me cringe – the painted brick walls in the children’s rooms.  A house from the 80s is always going to have some quirks, but whoever thought painting bricks was a good idea?  The rooms were always cold as they’re South-facing, and they brought back memories of orange laminate kitchens and other such fabulous design ideas of that era.

Recently we went away for a couple of weeks, so we took the opportunity to have the painted brick walls plastered and painted – yippee!  Clean fresh walls and the rooms immediately had a warm glow.

Now that I had a fresh palette to work with, my Pinterest gene went into overdrive!  Here is what I wanted to do:

Like me, Stinky loves to be whisked away to magical lands of fantasy courtesy of any paperback she can get her little hands on.  What better place to read than on a window seat flanked by books, overlooking the rose garden outside her bedroom?  Ok, let’s face it, I wanted this when I was growing up and I’m now living vicariously through my 7-year-old!

So here’s what we’ve done (when I say ‘we’ I mean ‘Mr Handyman’!):

So the final step is to paint it and cover the cushion on the window seat (which also conceals a great place for me to put all the junk she leaves lying around on her bedroom floor!).  Thank you Pinterest for the inspiration and thank you Mr Handyman for your weekend in the man cave!


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