I know, I know. It’s too early! Ho ho ho

Yesterday, Lucky and I pulled out the tree and decorations and spent a fabulous morning decorating the house – Mr Handyman says “there’s shit everywhere.  It looks like Christmas vomited on our house”.  Eloquent, hey?

Growing up we celebrated the European Christmas which means the tree doesn’t go up until Christmas eve – I’m making up for lost time you see?  All those childhood memories of visiting friends who had their tree up from the 1st of December, and we had to wait…and wait…and wait!  Not any more.

In hindsight, it was a lovely tradition.  The ‘Angels’ would come and set up our tree on Christmas eve, while we were all banished from the living room and kitchen.  These ‘Angels’ would also cook the food and set the table.  ‘Jezuska’ (Jesus in Hungarian) would put the presents under the tree and when it was all set up, the ‘Angels’ would ring a bell and we could go in.  I still remember the excitement; wondering what our tree would look like.  Then we’d all pretend we knew the words to the Hungarian Christmas carols while dad belted them out on his electric keyboard and my sister cried.  Sentimental sod, she is.

The one saving grace was the fact that WE were allowed to open all our presents on Christmas Eve.  My friends, the same ones I envied for having their tree set up for so long, they had to wait another 12 hours.

So these days I put it up as early as is humanly possible.  We started our cards last night and next week I’ll make the teachers their Bailey’s Fudge *drool*.  Then on the 6th of December, Mikolas Baci (St Nicholas) will come to our house while we sleep.  We have to put our shoes by the fireplace and if we’ve been good he will fill them with treats.  Whoever has been naughty will receive a wooden spoon and a potato (pointing madly at Mr Handyman).

The season has begun – woohoo!  What are your family traditions?



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