Am I a ‘grown up’?

Sometimes I feel like someone is going to knock on my front door, laugh maniacally in my face and say “Just joking, you’re not ‘adult’ enough to have this life”.  They’ll snatch away everyone and everything that is dear to me and I’ll be left reeling.

I spend a lot of time in long shorts and tees, my mopping skills leave a lot to be desired and I would prefer to sit and read a book rather than think about Superannuation.  I never really ‘grew up’, I just woke up one day with an amazing life and home, wondering if the bubble would burst.

So, as an attempt to reclaim my adulthood, I’ve decided to slowly style my house.  Well let’s face it, I’m never going to plan for the future or wear pearls, so this is my lame attempt at making sure my home gives the impression that an adult lives here.

It must be said that I am a minimalist.  We have couches, tables and various other pieces of furniture, but when it comes to the little added extras, I really have no idea.  I tried to add some ornaments to my living room once, and it just looked ridiculous.  How do they make it look so easy on those reno shows?

So I’m instilling the help of an expert.

Whenever we play the “what-would-you-do-if-you-won-tattslotto” game, one of my first answers is always that I’d take an obscene amount of money and hand it to an interior designer to give my home a makeover.  There’s nothing wrong with my home per se, it’s just bland.  Due to the fact that we haven’t won tattslotto, I need to come up with a new way to make this happen.  I have.

Earlier this year, I designed a website for a company called Bowerbird Interior Styling.  They have more class in their little fingers than I have in my entire body, and I’ve always loved their work.  When I was talking to them recently they explained that they’re expanding their services to cover “Remote Consultations”.  “What is this?” you ask.  It means that for people like me (most people) forking out a large sum of money in one go is not feasible.  All I have to do is send them through some images of the room I’m planning on making over, and they’ll give me a list of paint colours, curtain fabrics, manchester styles (including where I can get them and the price) as well as the finishing touches (those things I have no idea about!).

I love this (thanks Pinterest) it tells the story I want my room to tell

So with that in mind, I’m making over my beige bedroom.  Everything about our boudoir is beige – the carpet, walls, coverings and paintings. I want somewhere calm and inviting.  Somewhere to sigh about as I walk through the door.

The beauty of the Remote Consultation is that I can do things in my own time.  When funds miraculously appear in my bank account, I can paint the walls, purchase the pillows and zhuzh up the room.  In my own time and on my own budget.

I’ll keep you posted with the progress.

What a brilliant idea!  There are some amazingly clever working women out there.



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