Changing career

A little over four years ago, we made our “Tree Change”.  Capital T & C because it was a BIG move.  Mr Handyman and I both had great jobs in the city, but we were working ridiculous hours, not seeing our daughter (except when we were cranky) and listenening to the sweet hum of hoons every night as they tore up their tyres on our street.

Not long after we met, Mr Handyman introduced me to the North East region in Victoria.  I vividly remember driving up and announcing “this is gooooorgeous” to his rolling eyes.  It was!  A canopy of trees gently touch over the top of the street where dappled sunlight sneaks through and dances on the pavement.  There are no traffic lights or even zebra crossings and everyone is in go-slow mode.

Several times a year we would drive the 300 kms up the Hume and visit our friends who were ‘living the dream’.  They were always relaxed and happy as if they were working in an alternate universe to our insanely busy life down South.

Sitting around the fire one evening, after too many red wines, Mr Handyman said “why don’t we look at Real Estate? ” “Sure” I slurred and thought nothing of it.

Upon our return to the city work became even more hectic and our home life deteriorated as a result.  We were all tired and grumpy, working to pay bills and not much more.  So I remembered that drunken conversation around the fire with the empty bottles of red wine…the idea blossomed.

We sold up in the city and made the move.  It was scary to say the least.  We were leaving behind career prospects, friends, a social life and our families  – not in that order.

Now not a day goes by that we don’t thank our lucky stars we took a chance on ourselves.  We’ve since added another family member to our little brood and we work less to spend time with Stinky (Miss 7) and Lucky (Mr 2).  Our careers took a massive hit, but we’ve created new ones.  It can be hard when we need to get to family quickly in emergencies, but that’s a problem we’re willing to live with.

Now we’re the laid back locals watching the tourists wash over the town, we sit back at our favourite local coffee shop and see them as the stress melts away.  Their smiles broaden and they replace their stillettos with flip flops as the sun kisses their skin.  It’s beautiful to watch.

I never would have imagined I could change my line of work – Mr Handyman agrees.  We were both in jobs we’d worked hard at, but the monumental shift was so worthwhile.

Working at something I love (online marketing) means I smile more.  Of course there are still stressful moments – that will always happen when you work for yourself.  It can be scary and seem out of your reach to change careers – but I have to say, it’s oh so worthwhile.

Do you have a dream?  Can you see any way way to make it happen?  I really believe you have to live your daydream in order to be truly happy.


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