My “personal assistant”

I woke up this morning with a spring in my step.  We’re counting down the sleeps until a family holiday and it’s finally dawned on me that I’m going – an actual, real holiday-complete with a little umbrella in my drink and people serving food I haven’t cooked or meal planned!

As exciting as that is, time away from work also means I have to tie up some loose ends with my business before we head off.  I thought this morning would be a great time to send off some emails to clients advising them I won’t be contactable (it’s always a good idea to do this if you’re going to be out of reach for more than a day or two. There’s nothing more frustrating for a client than an unexplained silence coming from your phone or email when they need you; a quick email explaining ahead of time means they’ll understand why you’re not answering their burning questions at 7am every morning and you can leave and relax on your holiday knowing no one is wondering if you’ve dropped off the planet).  I had planned to get an early start on this, but my 2yo personal assistant (PA) had other ideas!  Following a game of Jenga and a tea party in the cubby house, I settled back at the laptop and started plugging away. I managed to work for about 5 minutes before the PA (demanding, but oh, so cute!) advised me there was a scary monster in the toy box and promptly closed my laptop and forcibly dragged me to the playroom. Obviously scary monsters need to be dealt with promptly, so what’s a Mama/Employer to do?

Does this sound familiar to you? With or without the upcoming holiday, it’s a juggle working at home with young ones around.  Until last week the PA was in childcare two half days and one full day.  I was able to arrange appointments around him and tried NOT to work when he was home and awake.  That was HIS time and I wanted to respect that. We would play in the morning and he would sleep in the afternoon giving me a few hours to get work done.  This week we’ve dropped back to one full day childcare and it to have coincided with his ‘decision’ to drop that day sleep! Excellent timing! They do like to throw us these curve balls, these trusty ‘assistants’, don’t they?

So, I’m doing my best not to use the electronic babysitter (aka ABC2) and he’s quite happy to let me know when it’s time to play!  I’m fortunate enough to be a member in a babysitting co-op (more about this in another post) and I know I need to start utilising that more.  We swap one point per hour per child to make things fair.  It works really well and also means a play friend for the PA.

What do you do?  How do you juggle work and kids? We’d LOVE to hear your tips on how you manage to juggle that ever-present work/family balance.



  1. […] tomorrow is even longer because I am child-free – so much simpler to get things done without my little personal assistant […]

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