Reading books to children may be the answer to your work issues

Tapping away at my computer can sometimes get frustrating!  I love my work, don’t get me wrong.  Designing websites really is my dream job, and helping small businesses is truly rewarding.  However, as with any job it can become tedious when things don’t ‘work’ as they should.

Yesterday I was feeling particularly ‘snappy’ with my ‘puter and I just needed to clear my head.  At that very moment, Mister2 came into the office and asked me to read him some good old Dr Seuss – just what was needed!

We headed out to our swing chair in the garden and settled in for a marathon session of children’s books.  I was whisked away into a world of fairytales, fantasy and my imagination went into overdrive.  We laughed and giggled at the silly stories while soaking up the glorious Spring sunshine and amazingly my mood was instantly transformed from crazy to calm.

When I returned to my desk the thing that I could not for the life of me work out all of a sudden ‘worked’!  Funny ‘bout that hey?  How could you not be inspired with a view like this?

What are your favourite children’s books?  Are there any that are completely dog-eared from use?  Share your timeless treasures so we can find some new ones for our bookshelf.



  1. I’ve always find taking time out for some reading with the boys to be very grounding. Of course Dr Seuss got a work out, as did many others. Currently we’re reading Enid Blyton. It also helps because it means I am raising two readers, an incredibly important thing to me that they inherit that love of reading.

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